About Happy Harpy Games

Happy Harpy Games is a family company that designs, develops, and publishes family-friendly board and card games and educational simulation games. We're located in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Happy Harpy Games is:

Craig Froehle, PhD has long enjoyed playing games of every sort. Some of his favorite tabletop games include Kingdomino, Codenames, Dungeons & Dragons, Guillotine, Bohnanza, and Scrabble. As a professor and social sciences researcher with degrees in engineering and business, he spends a lot of his time figuring out puzzles of all kinds. Craig leads game design, development, and pretty much every other aspect of the business.

Sam Froehle is a big fan of family and party games, especially Sushi Go!, Monopoly, trivia games, Scrabble, and One Night Ultimate Werewolf. When she's not playing or doing homework, she's probably practicing guitar or drawing. Sam is primarily involved in game design.

Colin Froehle loves games, both board and video. His favorites (so far) include Mars 04:45, King of Tokyo, Machi Koro, Stratego, and Mario Kart (except the blue shells!). Practicing taekwondo and playing soccer keep him from sitting too long. Colin engages in game design.

Lori Aronson, MD prefers non-confrontational games, abstracts, and word games, but most of her time is spent taking care of sick kids as a pediatric anesthesiologist. Lori provides game design input and helps keep the rest of us from going too far down the wrong streets.


Happy Harpy Games
3601 Michigan Ave
Cincinnati, Ohio 45208-1411
United States