The fast, fun card game for aspiring mad scientists!

ROBOT RISE! is a game for 2-6 players, ages 8+ with a simple premise:
Be the last mad scientist standing!

ROBOT RISE! is no longer for sale. 
If you are interested in acquiring a copy, please contact us.
Here are some of the cards in ROBOT RISE! 
See the ROBOT RISE! Card Guide for the complete deck.


ROBOT RISE! features 15 giant robots. Mix and match the heads, bodies and legs to create over 3,300 different unique robots!

Artwork by the fantastic Aaron Wood.

Download the rulebook PDF here.

And check out the ROBOT RISE! FAQ page for rules clarifications and handy tips.

Playtesting wrapped up in late 2016 and ROBOT RISE! was successfully funded on Kickstarter during August, 2017. 

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And we greatly appreciate the 150+ playtesters who provided feedback over the 15 months of ROBOT RISE!'s development. Thank you!