Emergency! is a cooperative, simulation-based, educational tool designed for use in a moderated classroom environment. Originally developed in 2012, each recently redesigned set supports a team of 1-4 participants.

Students: Download worksheet here (or get Excel file here)

Emergency! has been adopted by leading educational institutions, including:


Electronic record-keeping is available via downloadable scoring sheets (laptop PC or similar device required; not included).

Instructors are provided with access to classroom game materials as well as a teaching guide for ensuring students and participants understand the core lessons involved in the learning experience.

Core Lessons
Emergency! helps students and participants better understand several key operational concepts:
• The influence of variability on service performance
• The role of flexibility in managing service capacity
• The value of shifting capacity in response to unpredictable changes in demand

Who Is This Game For?
Emergency! was developed with three core audiences in mind:

A) Healthcare professionals, especially those who have or may have decision-making responsibility over care delivery systems (e.g., emergency departments, hospital wards, operating rooms, or clinics)

B) Graduate students in business administration (MBA), health administration (MHA), and public health (MPH) programs

C) Undergraduate students in business administration programs, especially those focusing on operations management or healthcare operations

To Obtain Digital Materials
Student/Participant: If you are a student/participant about to begin a session of Emergency! in a moderated classroom setting, click here to download the worksheet for tracking and scoring during the game. You can also download the rulebook to read through gameplay before your session.

Instructor/Moderator: If you are preparing to lead a class through Emergency!, please email us at emergency@happyharpygames.com and we will be happy to provide those materials.

Ordering Emergency!
Due to its design as an educational learning tool, Emergency! is available for purchase by institutional and corporate customers only. Please contact us at sales@happyharpygames.com for pricing and availability.

Each set contains all the physical materials a team of 1-4 players needs for a session.
A set should last for many, many sessions, making Emergency! a terrific value.