We are deeply indebted to the 150+ wonderful playtesters who have helped advance ROBOT RISE! so far through its ongoing evolution from concept to final game. We thank the following individuals, as well as all those who wished to remain anonymous or whose name we just didn't catch, for their patience, enthusiasm, and detailed feedback:

Yvonne A.
Tionna Bell
George Bozoglos
Justin Brown
Alyse Capaccio
Danny Capaccio
Andrew Corbin
Ana Culton-Cantanhede
Kris Culton-Cantanhede
Andrew Densmore
Justin Dowd
Shannan F.
S. Fillingham
Jeff Froehle
Maxine Gerhard
Timothy Goudreau
Thomas Halpin
Josie Holdsworth
Lauren Hyde
Robert Hyde
Eric Jack
Tina Jack
G. Johnson
L. Johnson
Michael Kane
Suzanne M.
Sierra McDaniel
Dave Menninger
A. Meekins
Tony Miller
Tom Moosbrugger
Korric Morgan
Ben P.
Max P.
John Prather
Andy Sargent
Kristie Sargent
Dan Shick
Kaliis Smith
Hannah Stitzlein
Joel Stitzlein
Michael Sundrup
Vincent Terrell
Anna W.
Jaime W.
Mike Warth
Aaron Windeler
Christine Wright
Joshua Wright